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Updated: May 31, 2021

To begin with the definition of PCOS, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a condition that affects a woman’s hormone level resulting in producing higher amounts of male hormones that cause the female body to skip menstrual periods and further issues with conceiving. I remember being 14 years old when all of a sudden I missed my periods for 6 months straight and didn’t inform my mother about this unusual pattern because the number 1 reason being I felt I was finally relieved of the pain and the second reason being I consoled myself that it was normal. It soon came to my mother’s notice that Ananya has been missing her periods and that day itself we booked an appointment with the doctors.

I was calm from outside but a terror grew from within. The thought of visiting the doctor was so terrifying that I made myself think “Am I pregnant”? I was a grade 8 student and horrified with various assumptions that were building inside my head. The junior doctor heard my concerns and told me to head towards the Ultrasound room, my worries grew further. The 11 glasses of water before the Ultrasound was the torturous part of my entire doctor visit. The reports came in and we headed towards the room of the senior doctor, I sat patiently not wanting to speak. The doctor spelled out “PCOS” which was out of my understanding limits. I wasn’t sure what to comprehend from this conversation that we were having. I knew from the growing worries in my mother’s face that it was going to get difficult for me. The doctor prescribed a list of medicines I thought to myself when is all of this coming to an end. The medication routine was troublesome. With the study pressure and upcoming final exams, I wasn’t positive about either of them. I relied on my mother to remind me of my medicines.

I got my menstrual period after a month of extensive medication but then the next month when I was irregular with my medication I missed my periods. Happiness short-lived. I realized that dependence on medicines wouldn’t be a long-term solution to my problem. With the ongoing stress, I started to gain weight, a cheerful girl who played two hours a day now lays in bed with a pile of books. It was eat-sleep-study-repeat. My only source of Joy was junk food. I couldn’t help control my eating habits. I skipped school meals because they weren’t as per my taste and the moment I ended up at home I ate everything that could satisfy my hunger. My mother continuously reminded me that I require physical activities, but I ignored her claims and I felt that I wasn’t heavy or overweight. I was over 70 kgs and still didn’t feel the need for help. I witnessed hair growth on my face and body which lowered my self-esteem more than the weight issues but still it wasn’t enough to activate the six senses that I needed transformation. Finally, grade 10 was over, I enrolled myself in kickboxing classes and saw myself struggling with the simplest exercises but the pain was gain. I utilized my holidays by going to classes twice a day and witnessed the change with a month. I was positive that I could challenge my body and my diet. I struggled to lose weight efficiently and it took me a year and a half to lose 15 kgs. I was content with my efforts. I was appreciated by my family and friends and kept that hope going.

PCOS affects every one in ten women. People encounter different symptoms but their initiatives to work on their body inspire millions.

My story is just a tiny fraction and having lived through that phase I am confident that I can assist girls of my age to make the right decisions and not make mistakes that bother you negatively. I narrate my experience to all the young girls so that they’re capable enough to notice any offsets and talk about their issues timely to any adults and seek advice. You can be healthy and yet be diagnosed with PCOS. I have watched around 100 Youtube Videos to collect factual information and influence myself at every stage of my life. An individual should also be afraid of the fact that getting back to old habits can be worrisome and shatter your guts and confidence for the future ahead. Now is the time we work intelligently and thoughtfully towards a healthy mind and body.

By ANANYA BANG / MAY 25, 2021

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