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You cannot set labels to love because if l define love in a manner, you'll superimpose your definition of love on me. We all know there's something pure about love. For someone love might be a parental relationship; for others, it might be a relationship between God and humans, it might be a relationship between animals and humans; and so on. There are different perspectives towards love, so there's no point in defining love. However, in very recent studies, we've seen that love is no longer just a feeling or emotion, but it's the constant effort, care, understanding, and belongingness.

At times, it may feel frustrating, empty, but it's very empowering that the only person we have control in any relationship is ourselves. I believe self-love is immensely indispensable. Self-love will provide us with the gratification, satisfaction, and peace that we expect from others. We create our heartbreaks by expecting too much from others, so expect less.

Thanks, me later. I believe trust and understanding are the foundation of love. Love isn't something that is to be hidden from reality, but it's about finding someone who makes reality worthwhile. Love doesn't always mean getting someone, but sometimes it also means letting go of someone.

By ALISHA / FEB 13, 2022

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