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Updated: Jun 5, 2021

You raise your eyebrow in skepticism, is it a test?

You must be sure to give nothing less than your best

Your heart pounds faster in your chest

Better work harder, grind faster, no time to rest

In earnest, your hands may shake

Seeped with work, your will might break

But you must pull it together, no time for a break

After all, it’s for your own sake

Your head in chaos, your stomach in a knot

Overflowing, you lose your train of thought

You must strive to make each shot

Ultimately, the reward is earned, not bought

Isn’t this, what we were all taught?

A house full of laurels, but is it enough?

A mind racing and a heart in a pair of cuffs

Smile wider, someone might call your bluff

Must we always take the road that is tough?

Breathe in, let go of this clasp of doubt

If it gets overwhelming, learn to walkout

Isn’t rising from your mistakes, what being successful is truly about?

Your heart slows, your palms steady as your stomach unknots

Hold your head up and breathe out.

By VIDHI BATRA / MAY 25, 2021

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