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The reason why we are turning insane is because the voices in our head won’t let us rest until they have made us do what they wanted and what we didn’t.

How many times does our mind go over all the things that have happened during the day, analyses it and speaks to us as if telling us our faults and good deeds?

These are nothing else but voices that make us talk to ourselves and understand what we are doing.

No one is a better judge and no one knows better than your inner self what is right for you and what is wrong.

Often these voices make us confused between our mind and our heart. There is an internal conflict going on between these two organs which puts us in a dilemma and we often spend hours thinking about what we should listen to. This is also the time when the voices within us start sounding like Greek to us and start fighting as if we weren’t even in the same room.

Many a times these voices start on a journey of their own. It would start from thinking about what to eat today to the economic conditions to a limitless journey. We often have no control on these and later look back on how did we even reach this point of discussion!

I’m not saying that it’s good to have voices in your head like Harry Potter had in his but eventually even they led him to a place where he would eventually have to go and whom he would have to face. The victory is ours when we are able to filter these voices and listen to those that would guide us ahead and don’t allow others to mess with our peace of mind.

You are your best critic and these voices your writing aid.


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